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J I Packer commends...

'True Devotion is

extraordinarily good:

I was very grateful

for my copy, and

recommend it

wherever I can'

Jim Packer


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Latimer Trust is seeking a new Business Manager

Expressions of interest are sought by Monday March 6th 2017 for this opening. Proposed interview date Tuesday 14th March

The Business Manager has two main areas of responsibility:

  • Management of the financial and charity side of the business
  • Management of the production of publications (both hard copy and electronic)

Nature of the position:

  • Part time – though some times are much busier than others
  • Office at Oak Hill College in north London but there may be considerable flexibility for much of the job being based elsewhere (eg at home) and the roles being split between candidates with different skills
  • There is a Genuine Occupational Requirement that the applicant be in sympathy with the Latimer Trust Doctrinal Basis (available below)


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Your Will Be Done

moveyThe death of Mike Ovey is a great loss to the world. The Latimer Trust is proud and grateful to have benefitted from his insights and wisdom, both in published form (Your Will Be Done: Exploring Eternal Subordination, Divine Monarchy and Divine Humility is characteristic of his incisive theological work) and as Principal of the college in which we have our base.  We grieve alongside those who mourn, but trust that the Lord we serve is sovereign even of these events.

Critical Edition of the Homilies

bookshomThe two Books of Homilies, along with the Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal, have been basic documents of the Church of England, and are valuable in showing Anglican doctrine during the Reformation, as well as being of considerable historical importance. Gerald Bray has produced a new critical edition, available now in hardback and e-book editions, and later this year in paperback.

The first book, published in 1547, early in the reign of Edward VI, was partly though not entirely the work of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, and the inspiration appears to have been his. This was intended to raise the standards of preaching by offering model sermons covering particular doctrinal and pastoral themes, either to be read (particularly by unlicensed clergy) or to provide preachers with additional material for their own sermons.

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Latimer Reading Lists

book-774837 1280

Ecclesiastes 12:12 tells us that ‘of the making of many books there is no end.’ This continues to be the case and it can be difficult for busy Christians with limited book budgets to keep track of what is being published and what it might be worth their while to read or buy. In order to help with this Martin Davie will offer every month a new list of ten books which have been recently published and which he thinks will be helpful in resourcing LT supporters in their thinking and their ministry. The list contains details of the books, a brief overview of their content, why Martin thinks they are worth reading and commendations by other scholars. 

December's recommendations are now available as adownload

Latimer Book List Dec 2016

Martin Davie's book reading list from December 2016

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Any just cause


This is a year of significant commemorations, some of which are being celebrated with great pomp and splendour. One that is likely to go unnoticed though, is the eight hundredth anniversary of the Fourth Lateran Council, which was summoned by Pope Innocent III in order to put the finishing touches on a series of church reforms that had begun nearly a century before. Not many people are aware of it now, but some of the practices it established are still familiar today. One was the establishment of benefices as a way of remunerating the clergy. Another was the institution of banns of marriage, which are still regularly heard at services, even if some of the trendier clergy want to abandon them on the ground that they interrupt the flow of worship.

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