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Books, BOOKS, books!

It was not long ago that a survey stated that books were to be a thing of the past. Who would want printed materials in a digital era with films, podcasts, vodcasts and so on. Yet, a new decade has commenced and it seems that the ink on paper is in no hurry to disappear.

At the Latimer Trust we like continuing the tradition of publishing books. Since its birth, the Trust was set up as a centre for research, an initiative started by John Stott and J.I. Packer; the latter is still our honorary president.

Nowadays we dedicate our efforts to encourage biblical convictions, support people through publications, lectures and research grants.

Why not have a look in our catalogue or in the list below to see our offers and use these great resources for your church, your personal study or as gifts which will undoubtedly challenge and stimulate Christian faith.

Click on the names of the books to find more about them and if you are interested in the offers, do send us an email to

Happy reading!

5 copies for £3*

Unworthy Ministers. Donatism and Discipline today.

An Anglican Evangelical identity crisis: The Churchman-Anvil Affair of 1981-1984

10 copies for £4*

Church & State Under God

Future Patterns of Episcopacy

The Lambeth Articles

Episcopal Oversight - A Case for Reform

Reforming Forwards?

The Parish System

I Absolve You

The Water and the Wine

Must God Punish Sin?

A Puritan Theology of Preaching

The Failure of the Church of England?

*Please note that the prices shown are for the UK only and include postage. If you would like these books sent overseas please email for costs to your location.

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