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  • Martin B. Davie

Learning from Harry Blamires

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

This month, rather than reviewing a series of new books I have decided instead to provide an extended review of a single book first written in the 1950s because I think it is a highly significant book that teaches us things that we still very much need to learn today.

The Secularist Heresy: The Erosion of the Gospel in the Twentieth Century (London: SPCK, 1981), out of print, but readily available. by Harry Blamires.

Despite being written for another era, Blamires’ message is highly relevant to today. Today – as then – society is preoccupied with the natural and the finite, rather than the supernatural and eternal. For most people, a good life means living as happily as possible in the here and now – and the Christian gospel seems irrelevant and possibly hostile to that aim. We must keep the Christian message free of corruption by today’s views and priorities, which are fundamentally hostile to the gospel.

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Martin Davie is a research fellow with the Latimer Trust. He is the author of several books some of which you can find in our website. Click here to see Martin's books.



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