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Martin's insightful booklist

This is a summary of recent books read by Martin Davie, compiling his evaluations and the commendations of others. In this edition:

Life in the Son: Exploring Participation and Union with Christ in John’s Gospel and Letters by Clive Bowsher

This study shows that ‘union with Christ in John's Gospel and letters is the in-one another relationship of believers with the Father and Son by the Spirit.’ It will be welcomed by theological lecturers and students and by all those called to preach on the Fourth Gospel and the Johannine letters.

Christ and the Culture Wars: Speaking for Jesus in a World of Identity Politics by Ben Chang

An important contribution to Christian thinking about how to respond to a society that is increasingly dominated by identity politics and in which Christianity has come to be widely seen as bad rather than good news. This is a book that Christians need to read in order to better understand the situation the Church is facing in Western culture and how to respond effectively to this situation

When God Seems Gone: Finding Hope When Nothing Makes Sense by Adam Mabry

This is a book which would make a great basis for a sermon series or for home group study, and which ministers should encourage their congregation members to read in order to understand and address their feelings of God’s seeming absence in the present or in the future.

Romans: A Letter That Makes Sense of Life by Andrew Ollerton

A very helpful guide to Romans. It draws on both up to date scholarship and the Christian tradition, it is extremely readable, and it explains both how Romans addressed its original context and still addresses our context today. A definite ‘should read’ for anyone seeking to understand Romans better.

Origins of New Testament Christology: An Introduction to the Traditions and Titles Applied to Jesus by Stanley Porter and Bryan Dyer

An important new resource for understanding how Jesus is depicted in the writings of the New Testament. This is a detailed scholarly monograph that is primarily aimed at teachers and students of theology, and for those who come into this category, including members of the clergy, this book counts as a must read.

The full reviews can be accessed here


Martin Davie is a Latimer Trust Research Fellow. He teaches at Wycliffe Hall and is the author of various books, some of them can be found here. He writes regularly on his blog Reflections of an Anglican Theologian.



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