The Church, Women Bishops and Provision

The Church, Women Bishops and Provision

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Why, since the Bible affi rms that in Christ ‘there is neither male nor female’ (Galatians 3:28), do those who stress the importance of biblical orthodoxy in church life object to the proposed women bishops legislation?

This book was commissioned in November 2010 by a number of members of General Synod. Some are in favour of women priests and women bishops, some are not in favour, but all want to see the theological arguments being more fully explored, since these have not been adequately addressed in General Synod debates over the years. These Synod members also agree that a proper legal framework should be in place, to provide the security of an ongoing ministry in the Church of England for those who will not be able to accept the ministry of women bishops.


So this book sets out the underlying theological arguments and presents the case for better, more secure provision.

  • Author

    Roger Beckwith, Sarah Finch, Charles Raven, Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden
    with an Introduction and a Conclusion by
    Philip Giddings and Appendices by Michael Ovey, Vinay Samuel and Anthony Thiselton

  • Info

    ISBN: 9781906327019

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