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To Tell the Truth. Basic Questions and Best Explanations.

To Tell the Truth. Basic Questions and Best Explanations.


Human beings are inquisitive people. We all, quite rightly, like to explore the real world in its many fascinating dimensions. In particular, there are a few deep questions that most people face at some time in their lives: Who are we? Is there an overall purpose for our lives? What is good to believe? Why is there so much evil and suffering around? How is evil to be overcome and suffering accounted for? What best can help us to know how we should live? What is truth and how can we know it?


For well over a millennium and a half the Christian Faith has guided the Western world and, more recently, other parts of the world in how to answer these and many other questions. However, its answers have also been strongly disputed, sometimes with hostile intent.


In this book, Andrew Kirk argues strongly that the Christian Faith, in spite of all that has been thrown against it, still represents by far and away the best explanations for these profound enigmas of life. Here you will find convincing answers, and reasons why alternative ideas do not ultimately match the full realities of our existence.

  • About the author

    Andrew Kirk is ordained in the Anglican Church. He is now retired from his theological teaching ministry in tertiary educational institutions both overseas, in Argentina, and in the UK. He has also taught courses on all six continents. Since retirement, he has been involved in teaching and supervision in other theological institutions across Europe. He is the author of twenty three books and many articles. He is married to Gillian. They have three children and four grandchildren.

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    74 pages | 978-1-906327-68-2