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  • Not Lords but Examples

    Through research, teaching and publication, I have come to know and delight in 1 Peter, so I have begun Safeguarding’, Theology 124.2 (2021), 165-172) and I’d like to share one element of this in brief. 1 Peter These leaders, according to Peter, are both elders and overseers, shepherds and servants. According to Peter, there will be a day when the Chief Shepherd and Overseer of Souls appears in majesty

  • Martin's insightful booklist

    How to destroy Western Civilization and other ideas from cultural abyss by Peter Kreeft Book of 18 essays He argues that we need to be like medieval saint Peter Damian who was willing to be ‘faithful to Jesus

  • A healthy tonic for Evangelism

    A review of Peter Adam's book 'Thomas Cranmer. Moreover, Peter Adam’s latest work, Thomas Cranmer: Using the Bible to Evangelize the Nation, helpfully In this brief account, Adam notes that ‘Evangelism is a continuing task and a constant responsibility Adam admits the significant differences between Cranmer’s day and ours. Yet Adam concludes Cranmer’s answer for his day remains the same for ours.

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  • People | The Latimer Trust

    Vice-Chairman of the Latimer Trust Vicar of St Alkmund's, Duffield Wallace Benn Former Bishop of Lewes Peter Editor Ed Moll Vicar of St George's, Wembdon Simon Vibert Vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water Council Peter

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