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  • Gerald Bray

On the Desk of Gerald Bray

I am currently working on two projects of potentially great importance for Anglicans. The first is an Introduction to Anglican Theology which will be available on line and cover the basic doctrines that have made Anglicanism what it is. There is a good deal of confusion in this area, largely caused by tendentious readings of English church history which have downplayed the Reformation and stressed 'Catholic' elements in the Church of England to the detriment of everything else.

This leads to my second project, which is a history of Christianity in the British Isles that should be published in 2021 or 2022. It is broader than Anglicanism, of course, but the Anglican story is obviously central to it. My aim is to do justice to the strong currents in modern research which have debunked the once fashionable view that Anglicanism and Puritanism were two opposing forces and that the latter lost out. It is a very complex story, to be sure, and I want to be fair to all sides, but rehabilitating the Puritan and Evangelical traditions in the Anglican Communion and stressing their importance will be an important part of the book.

Gerald Bray is the Director of Research for the Latimer Trust

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