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The Latimer Trust would love your support
as we continue our ministry in
resourcing the Anglican Church

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Prayer is the most powerful way you can support us.

Please pray that

- Our publications would be faithful to God's word

- We would be wise with our resources

- People would grow in their knowledge and
love of God through our work


Please buy and read our publications.

Please make use of the grants

if they are relevant to you.

Please give our publications to those

you know who would benefit


Please financially give if you are able to. You can get in touch with us through our contact page, send donations to our address, or donate using the button below. If you would like your donation to got to a specific cause, please email stating this.

All donations are gratefully received and are used to

- support our theological staff in their research and lecturing

- support our administrative staff in the running of the Trust

- pay for the publishing process of our publications

-support activities that complement our vision

- provide grants for research or reading weeks

- pay for the running costs of the Trust

You can also support us each time you shop online

through certain retailers, by creating an account through easyfundraising. More information can be found

on their website of how to use their service.

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Please tell others of the work the Latimer Trust is doing

If people don't know about us, we aren't

able to support them in their ministry

through our publications or grants!

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