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The Latimer Trust seeks to provide

Biblical Truth for today's Anglican Church

we do this through...

Stack of Books


The Latimer Trust provide research grants,
to Anglicans not exceeding £2000.

 Priority will be given to the fields of Christian Doctrine and  Historical Theology, with an emphasis on the practical benefits for today's church.


The application process for grants 2023-24 is now closed and will re-open in December. 



The Latimer Trust have a number of different publications that are useful in all aspects and areas of ministry.

You can find the full collection of our publications here.

If you would like to submit a manuscript or proposal to be considered for publication, you can find out more about that through our publishing page.

People's Shadows


The Latimer Trust provides financial support for three research fellows. These meet together a few times a year to discuss our publications with our Chairman and Vice-Chair.

Gerald Bray is our director of research. He has recently written a short introduction to Anglicanism, a study of the Attributes of God and a one-volume History of Christianity in the British Isles. He frequently lectures at different seminaries and theological colleges around the world.

Andrew Atherstone is Latimer Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, where he teaches church history. His primary area of research is the history of Evangelicalism and Anglicanism, from the 18th century to the present. For details of Andrew’s publications, see here:

Martin Davie produces books, articles and regular book reviews which are published by Latimer Trust and by

other bodies, in particular the Church of England Evangelical Council for which he is the theological consultant . The current focus of his work is on the debate about human sexuality, bishops and episcopal jurisdiction. He has a blog with lots of interesting articles, see here:

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We keep our supporters updated with the work that we do through our monthly newsletter 'Latimer News'

The letter contains articles, book reviews and previews of new publications coming. Martin Davie, one of our research fellows, also produces a comprehensive monthly reading list of books, both Latimer and from other editorials.

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