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What we Publish

We are keen to publish biblical resources that will serve

today's Anglican church.

Many of our publications are commissioned by the Latimer Trust, but we also consider proposals or manuscripts from others.

For Latimer Studies we welcome short treatments of either an historical or a theological nature with practical applications for today's church. They do not need to be specifically Anglican, but it helps.


We occasionally consider longer projects, but do not publish PhD theses or dissertations; please consider whether key sections could be rewritten and presented in a shorted piece.


To get a full flavour of the types of topics we publish, take a look through our current stock of publications here.


If you feel that your work would be a suitable publication for the Latimer Trust, please email with your work. We prefer you to submit the whole work but proposals will also be considered. Please also complete and send this form. Please note that the length of Latimer Studies ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 words.


We hope to be in touch with you within a few weeks, though a final decision may take longer than this.  If your manuscript is accepted we will ask you to ensure that it conforms to our style guide, which can be found here. You can help us by fitting your original submission to these guidelines.

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