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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how the Latimer Trust handles personal data, in line with the GDPR which came into effect on the 25th May 2018.

Personal Data

Personal data is information relating to a living individual, who can be identified from that information.

How does the Latimer Trust use this information?


All supporters’ data is held based on consent given by the supporter in line with the following.

Personal data is required for those who support the work of the Latimer Trust. It is used only for the purposes of sending publications, updating the supporter on the activities of the Latimer Trust, and other mailing in line with the above. It will never be sold on, and it will only be given to third parties where required to achieve the above, for example if publications are being sent directly from the printer or for sending out the newsletter which is through Wix.

Where supporters also support financially, their information is required for these purposes, as outlined below.


Personal data is required for those purchasing books from the Latimer Trust, where this is done remotely. The information will be used for making the sale, and for sending the purchase to the customer. The personal data will not be kept longer than required, and will not be used for any other reasons, unless consent has been given. It will only be given to third parties to achieve the above, for example to PayPal to make the payment, and the printers if sending directly from there.


The Latimer Trust does not knowingly collect any personal data from those under 18, and should it be made aware that it has, the information will be deleted. For this reason, all supporters must be over 18 years of age.

Employees Information

Information of all employees, including employment contracts, will be kept for six years from the date the employee left the business. This is based on general guidance, and the principle that a case for a breach of contract can be brought within six years of the alleged breach.

Other reasons

Financial documents are held for six years, and so any personal data found on these documents will also be stored, in order for the Latimer Trust to be in line with our legal obligation to maintain financial documents. This information is only used for the purposes of maintaining our financial records and will not be used for any other reason. When these documents are older than six years, they will be suitably disposed of.

Contracts with authors of our publications are kept permanently, as they are required to maintain our contract with the individual.

In other cases, information may be held for legitimate interests. If this is the case, we will only use your information in fair ways, which will in no way hurt your personal interests or rights.

Updating Information and Consent

If you are aware that we have out of date personal information, for example if you move home, please either send an email to or a letter to The Latimer Trust, Oak Hill College, Chase Side, London, N14 4PS to update your information. If you wish to unsubscribe and be removed from our mailing list, or to find out what information we hold about you, please get in touch using the same means. These are rights given to you, in line with the GDPR.


Information stored by the Latimer Trust can only be accessed by those who need the information. All paper information requires a key to access, and all electronic information can only be accessed by Latimer employees.

The Latimer Trust cannot guarantee absolute security for the information we store; however, we have systems in place to try and minimise the risk of a security breach. In the unlikely event of a security breach, the Latimer Trust will follow the GDPR with regards to reporting, if required.

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