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  • Rob Munro reviews 'Resilience' by Kirsten Birkett

    Rob Munro describes Resilience by Kirsten Birkett as a "great help as people reflect on how we can go

  • Illuminating mind and soul

    A review of Kirsten Birkett's, 'And The Light Shineth In Darkness: Faith, Reason and Knowledge in the Kirsten Birkett in her brief survey for the Latimer Trust of the epistemologies found in the works of Birkett’s discussion of Luther begins with the astute observation that he is perceived by many as not Birkett demonstrates that, to the contrary, Luther was perfectly happy to concede that many forms of In Birkett’s own words: “God speaks, and so we can know”.

  • Keeping a diary to grow in godliness

    The importance of diary keeping by Kirsty Birkett. Using the example of Beadle and Rogers, Birkett seeks to show that Keeping a diary brings Christians Birkett thinks it should. Birkett observes that He wrote to give his emotions a more godly focus, and bring himself to joy and Birkett shares Rogers’ reflections from the third of November 1589.

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