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  • Martin Davie

Martin's August 2018 Book List

Below is a summary of the books reviewed in August's Book List

Early Church Readings of Genesis One by Craig Allert

"This book does the modest, but still important, job of reminding us that we need to read the Fathers on their own terms when thinking about what they can teach us on this matter."

Finding favour in the sight of God: A Theology of Wisdom Literature by Richard Belcher

"This study will be very helpful to students at university and theological college approaching these books for the first time. It will also be helpful to clergy and others who are called to preach on these books, or teach about them."

The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World by Rosaria Butterfield

"No one can properly evade her challenge to consider how much we are willing to share our lives, our homes and our possessions so that lost men and women may know God and grow into his likeness. An uncomfortable book, but one that everyone should read and ponder"

The Reluctant Evangelist by Richard Coekin

"This book is a helpful resource for encouraging people to engage in evangelism. It forms a good basis for a sermon series or for study in a home group setting."

Disabling Mission, Enabling Witness by Benjamin Conner

"This book should be of interest to all those with responsibility for shaping the Church’s teaching and practice."

Luther for Evangelicals: A Re-introduction by Paul Hinlicky

"This book will be of interest to Evangelicals who want to know more about what Luther taught and what his teaching can contribute to a renewal of Evangelicalism in our day."

The Lord Is Good: Seeking The God Of The Psalter by Christopher Holmes

"Those who are prepared to persevere will be richly rewarded by being challenged to think hard about what God is like and how what God is like shapes his actions and our existence as his creatures."

The Hum of Angels by Scott McKnight

"It can be recommended to anyone, whether clergy or laity, who want to discover more about angels for themselves or want guidance in teaching others about them."

Cosmology in Theological Perspective by Olli-Pekka Vainio

"For the most part this is an accessible read that theological students, ministers and ordinary lay people will all find useful."

The Story of the Holy Land: A visual history by Peter Walker

"This would be ideal as an introduction to the history of the Holy Land for older children or for adults who know nothing about the subject. Highly recommended."

The full list can be found here.


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