• Alan Witchalls

Evangelism in a Digital Era

The digital era we live in give an unparalleled opportunity to share the Gospel broad and wide. For example, one evangelistic video I collaborated on in 2018 reached over five times more people in six months than all of my offline evangelistic efforts in the twenty-four years since I turned to Christ.

So what makes the digital era so special? Here are three characteristics that make the digital era stand out from other epochs of human history so far.

Everything is instant

The digital era is marked by the instantaneous. If I write a blog post, it is published as soon as I click the button. If I take a photo, it is available to view in the cloud right away. If we want to watch a film, we can start streaming it within seconds. When we send someone a message we can see in real-time when it is delivered to their device and when it is read by the recipient.

Connections are global

The digital era allows people to connect with others no matter where they are in the world. While I am in the UK, someone in Brazil could be reading my newly published blog post. My cousin in Australia might be viewing my recently uploaded photos. The company in California streaming the film we’re watching will have feedback on our watch habits in real-time. We could send a message to someone we’ve never met living in town we’ve never heard of in a country we may never visit in less time than it takes to go say ‘hello’ to our next-door neighbour.

Engagement is king