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Martin's insightful booklist

This is a summary of recent books read by Martin Davie, compiling his evaluations and the commendations of others. In this edition:

The History of Christianity in Britain and Ireland: From the First Century to the Twenty-First by Gerald Bray

A one-volume history of Christianity in the British Isles from an orthodox Christian perspective. Well structured, comprehensive. Detailed and scholarly, suitable for the serious student. Highly recommended.

Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity by Alisa Childers

Clear and persuasive account of progressive views of Christianity and why it lacks intellectual credibility. Popular apologetics at its best. Helpful for those who might fall (or have fallen) for claims of progressive Christianity – or those seeking to help them. Highly recommended.

How to destroy Western Civilization and other ideas from cultural abyss by Peter Kreeft

Book of 18 essays addressing the challenges facing Western Civilisation from a Christian perspective eg ‘Traditionalism and Progressivism’, ‘Pity vs. Pacifism’. Evangelicals