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  • Kat Adams

Mobilise! Every Member Ministry

Paul urged the Ephesians to live a life worthy of the calling they have received, and as followers of Christ we each have that same calling (Ephesians 4:1-16). Whether working in full time paid ministry, serving tea and coffee, leading Bible studies, or having the strength to turn up to church on a Sunday after an overwhelming week, each of us are members of Christ’s Church.

The 2018 ReNew Conference dug deep into what it means for our churches to ‘Mobilise!’ and strive for ‘Every Member Ministry’. We were encouraged to think about the church as the body of Christ, to be united, prepared for service, and to each use the gifts given to us by God. We were challenged to be more intentional in our leadership roles at church, and to purposefully have churches with ministries that reflect the gifts given to our church family.

As a Trainee Minister’s wife, the sessions equipped me to be thinking how we can be leading our church family and growing them towards the vision of ‘Every Member Ministry’. To take a metaphor that was used throughout the conference, none of us are passengers on a cruise ship. We are crew on lifeboats, reliant on God, to be used by him to save drowning souls.

A month ago today, over 400 people left Leeds to return home; with our country unaware that life boats were being equipped and dispatched to save them for glory.

The Latimer Trust have partnered with ReNew, and seeks to equip Evangelical Anglicans to provide ‘Biblical Truth for today’s Anglican Church’. Our book ‘Ministry Under the Microscope’ compliments the theme for the ReNew Conference, and is commended by William Taylor, Chairman of ReNew.

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