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  • Kat Adams

Translating Latimer Publications

Proyecto Nehemias (Nehemiah Project) is a non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to create and distribute quality Christian education materials and theological training in Spanish. They particularly focus on the Chilean Church, and are looking to distribute their work in Spain too. The photo shows them delivering La fe que confesamos (The Faith We Confess) to an Anglican seminary in Santiago, Chile.

As part of their ministry they are translating some of the Latimer Trust’s publications. In a podcast on the Gospel Coalition website earlier this year, one pastor discussed some of the exciting things happening in South America. In an area that wasn’t reached by the Reformation, the true good news of the gospel, and importance of good doctrine, is being sought and found, leading to a growing church.

It is encouraging to hear of how the Spirit is at work throughout the world, growing God’s Kingdom. And it is also encouraging to know that we are able to support this work through the gifts that God has given us. If you are able and would like to support Proyecto Nehemias, any financial help you can provide will speed up their work in translating and publishing books to teach and equip the Spanish speaking church. You can donate directly to them here.



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