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  • Martin Davie

Martin's February 2019 Book List

Below is a summary of the books reviewed in February's Book List

7 Myths about Singleness by Sam Allberry

"This is a readable, biblical and practical restatement of the importance of singleness in the life of the Church. It needs to be read by everyone whether single or married."

Documents of the English Reformation by Gerald Bray

"Students who do not already have a copy of this book should buy one in order to give them the material they need to begin to understand the history and theology of the English Reformation."

Enjoying God by Tim Chester

"The key aim of the book is to help its readers to know God experientially by consciously developing a relationship with each of the three persons of the Trinity. The book will help its readers to achieve this aim."

Divine Simplicity by Stephen J Duby

"This book is a published form of Duby’s doctoral thesis. For those who have the requisite theological knowledge to benefit from it, this book has much to offer."

Christian Belief by Alister McGrath (ed)

"This handbook is an excellent resource for anyone wanting an introduction to Christian belief that is user friendly, but also scholarly, up-to-date and orthodox."

Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox

"This is a fine (and very accessible) introduction to the issue of the relationship between Christianity and science. It can be strongly recommended as a book to give away."

Reformed Scholasticism: Recovering the Tools of Reformed Theology by Ryan McGraw

"This handbook will help Evangelical students to understand better how to undertake responsible study in this area. Theological colleges should buy copies of this book for their libraries and those who know students with an interest in this field should alert them to its existence."

Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology by J P Moreland

"This is a very helpful popular guide to understanding and responding to the dangers of scientism and would make an excellent basis for a home group or a teaching series on this topic."

Space, Time and Resurrection by T F Torrance

"Readers often have to read what he says a second or even third time to really grasp what he is saying but the intellectual effort is worthwhile. This is a must buy for all serious students of Christian doctrine."

Knowing God Through the Old Testament: Three Volumes in One by Christopher J H Wright

"IVP academic have done us a great service by bringing these three volumes together in one. This is now the ‘go to’ resource for anyone who wants to understand the Old Testament roots of the New Testament’s affirmation of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

The full list can be found here.

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