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  • Martin Davie

Martin's February 2020 Book List

Below is a summary of the books reviewed by Martin in February

Sam Allberry, Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?

An excellent resource for ordinary Christians who know what the Christian faith teaches, but who are not sure of the reasons for this teaching, or how to communicate it to their non-Christian families and friends.

Julia Cameron (ed), Michael Green - By His Friends: An Authorized Biography

This book is a fitting tribute to a great man of God and the starting point for anyone who wants to know his story, what he was like and what he stood for.

David Hutchings and David Wilkinson, God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse – What Hawking Said and Why It Matters.

Readers who put in the necessary effort will be rewarded by a very much better understanding of the big questions in physics addressed by Hawking and how he answered.

Kevin Kinghorn, But What About God's Wrath?: The Compelling Love Story of Divine Anger.

For anyone who does want to understand this way of viewing the relationship between God’s love and God’s wrath, this book is now the place to start.

Peter Walker, The Jesus Way: Learning to Live the Christian Life.

This book would make an excellent resource for people who have been on courses such as Alpha and Christianity Explored and who now want to understand more about the nature of Christian discipleship as well as for those preparing for baptism or confirmation.

The full reviews can be found here

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