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  • A useful booklet on the current debate on using individual cups

    A review by Daniel Kirk on Andrew Atherstone's and Andrew Goddard's book 'Drink This All of You' Individual Atherstone and Goddard have done the church a great service by publishing a short Grove booklet on the Andrew Atherstone is a Research Fellow at the Latimer Trust.

  • Scarf or Stole

    A review of Andrew Atherstone's book 'Scarf or Stole at Ordination. So it was with interest I picked up this twenty five page booklet by Andrew Atherstone which carefully Atherstone has done impressive primary research in the Lambeth Palace Archives and Hansard reports of Atherstone gives several examples of clergy pressurised in the 50s and even bullied into defying their That this had been forgotten by some current bishops led Atherstone to finish his work appealing to our

  • 5 Question on Christianity, life and books

    Andrew Atherstone How did you become a Christian? in July 2022, to coincide with Nicky Gumbel’s retirement as vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton. _______ Andrew Atherstone is a research fellow with the Latimer Trust, and is a lecturer at Wycliffe College, Oxford

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  • What We Do | The Latimer Trust

    Andrew Atherstone is Latimer Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, where he teaches church history For details of Andrew’s publications, see here: . ​

  • People | The Latimer Trust

    Wembdon Rob Munro Rector of Cheadle Parish Church Research Fellows Gerald Bray Director of Research Andrew Atherstone Research Fellow Martin Davie Research Fellow Office staff Ellelein Kirk Operations Manager

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