The Anglican Ordinal. Gospel Priorities for Church of England Ministry

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There is no better handbook for Anglican ministry than the Anglican ordinal – the authorized liturgy for ordaining new ministers. The ordinal contains a beautiful, succinct description of theological priorities and ministry models for today’s Church. This booklet offers a simple exposition of the ordinal’s primary themes. Anglican clergy are called to public ministry as messengers, sentinels, stewards, and shepherds. They are asked searching questions and they make solemn promises. The Holy Spirit’s anointing is invoked upon their ministries, with the laying-on-of-hands, and they are gifted a Bible as the visual symbol of their new pastoral and preaching office. This booklet is a handy primer for ordinands and clergy, and all those responsible for their selection, training, and deployment.

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    Andrew Atherstone is a research fellow with the Latimer Trust, and is a lecturer at Wycliffe College, Oxford. 

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    ISBN: 978-1-906327-59-0

    Pages: 60 pages

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