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"For many years I have found Latimer publications biblical, thoughtful, practical and helpful. I have often been grateful to turn to a Latimer publication for help."

Johnny Juckes
President of Oak Hill College

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"This short look at the principles and practice of Puritan diary-keeping will surely inspire a resurgence of this spiritual discipline in today’s church, and not before time.
Dr Birkett makes an excellent case for the benefits it brings to individuals and to the wider church"

Ros Clarke

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New book

Defend, O Lord provides an excellent introduction to the practice of confirmation as it is understood in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Martin Davie supplies a concise and clear summary of the background to the confirmation service, its liturgical development, and the theology that underlies it. There is also a very helpful commentary on the text, and insightful answers to questions that arise about the practice of confirmation. It is a very readable book by a scholar who has mastered the material and made it accessible to a wide audience. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Justyn Terry

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