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"For many years I have found Latimer publications biblical, thoughtful, practical and helpful. I have often been grateful to turn to a Latimer publication for help."

Johnny Juckes
President of Oak Hill College

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New book

Defend, O Lord provides an excellent introduction to the practice of confirmation as it is understood in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Martin Davie supplies a concise and clear summary of the background to the confirmation service, its liturgical development, and the theology that underlies it. There is also a very helpful commentary on the text, and insightful answers to questions that arise about the practice of confirmation. It is a very readable book by a scholar who has mastered the material and made it accessible to a wide audience. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Justyn Terry

"Amid the controversies of the seventeenth century, one moderate and comprehensive voice stands out - that of Archbishop James Ussher. His proposal for bishops in a Reformed church failed to catch on at the time, but in our more ecumenical age they deserve to be heard again. Peter Blair has done this in a winsome way that may help us reassess for the global church of tomorrow."

Gerald Bray

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