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We are an evangelical think-tank, dedicated to encouraging biblical convictions and supporting people through publications, lectures, and research grants.

"Latimer Trust does a wonderful job in publishing material for serious minded Evangelicals to help them deepen their faith and relate it to contemporary issues. It also does excellent work in sponsoring and supporting Biblical people doing research and teaching. It deserves our support."

Rt Rev Wallace Benn
Former Bishop of Lewes, founding Chairman of 'Bible by the Beach'

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Whether they recognise it or not, everyone has a worldview, a way of understanding the world in which they live and their place in it. The difference between these worldviews means that physically people may inhabit the same universe, but mentally the universes they inhabit may be very different. For example, some people may inhabit a mental universe in which there is a single creator God, others may inhabit a mental universe where there are a multiplicity of different gods, and yet others may inhabit a mental universe where there are no gods at all, and in which the world is governed simply by the random movement of material forces. 


Given the existence of this range of mental universes, the aim of Living in the Multiverse is to do three things.


Firstly, to explain the nature of the Christian universe and the reasons for believing that this universe exists not only as a mental concept, but as an objective reality. 


Secondly, to introduce Christians to the other main mental universes inhabited by people living in the UK today, explaining the reasons for their existence and looking at how they are similar to and different from the Christian universe, particularly in their views of what makes for human flourishing. 


Thirdly, to explore what it means for Christians to live well in the midst of these multiple mental universes.

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Michael Wigglesworth was a Puritan minister and a renowned preacher. Little did his contemporaries know that Wigglesworth was also tormented by recurring homoerotic urges that brought him a deep sense of his own depravity. Through journalling, Wigglesworth left an extremely rare record of the interior life of a seventeenth-century Puritan minister who harboured strong passions towards other men. Highlighting Wigglesworth’s adherence to the tradition of Protestant conversion and the practice of Puritan diary-keeping, this book argues that journalling despair with his same-sex experience was itself Wigglesworth’s pursuit of divine remedy.

Tree Roots
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Those authorized to minister in the Church of England, whether as ordained or lay ministers, are expected to teach and act in accordance with the Church of England’s doctrine. However, many of those who are currently exercising ministry in the Church of England, or who are being trained for ministry, are unclear about what the Church of England’s doctrine is, and why it matters that they should adhere to it.


In order to address this situation, the Latimer Trust is producing a new series of short books on doctrine which are designed to introduce various key aspects of the doctrine of the Church of England. The purpose of Deep Roots is to introduce the series as a whole. It does this by explaining what doctrine is, the nature of the doctrinal authorities accepted by the Church of England, and why it is important for both ministers (and Christians in general) to adhere to what is taught by these doctrinal authorities.


This is a book for existing ministers, those in training for ministry and ordinary lay Christians who want a concise but reliable answer to the question ‘What is doctrine and why does it matter?’

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What is orthodoxy? In recent controversies in the Church of England and in the wider Anglican Communion, those who insist that the Church's traditional teaching about marriage and celibacy cannot be altered are increasingly described as 'orthodox', a claim that has been disputed on the ground that orthodoxy is defined by the great creeds and confessions of the Church, none of which mentions the subject. 

This briefing argues that orthodoxy extends well beyond what the creeds and confessions state. It is rooted in the mind of Christ which is revealed to us in Holy Scripture and encompasses every aspect of life.

Beautiful Nature

Howard Mowll was the enterprising and indefatigable Archbishop of Sydney from 1934 to 1958. At once robustly Anglican and evangelical in outlook and policy, he set the diocese of Sydney on the course it hasfollowed to the present day


Originating in the Moore College Library Day of 2021, the essays in this book cover previously overlooked and neglected aspects of Mowll’s leadership and administration as well as providing new insights into and fresh perspectives on his life and work in Sydney.

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