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3 Oldies but Goodies!

These titles were published way back, but they are still very relevant today. Check out the reviews below.

True Devotion by Allan Chapple

I read this book on the enthusiastic recommendation of William Taylor (of St Helen’s in London). Our staff went through the book last semester and it did not disappoint. Chapple, an Anglican who has pastored in Australia and in England, makes a sustained (and persuasive) case for a responsive spirituality rooted in the Scriptures and in the Reformation tradition rather than an eclectic mystical spirituality that can be found in much of contemporary evangelicalism.

Anglican Foundations by Tim Patrick

Tim Patrick has given us a resource for all Anglicans. Anglicanism has become

something people choose to interpret from the different angles of their locality. But Dr Patrick has undertaken authoritative research and has transformed it into readable form for lay people, for clergy who wish to know what Anglicanism is, for churches and dioceses. It is authoritative because the research here has gone way back into the original texts. And you have all the subjects ranging from The prayer book, homiletics and all you need to know as an Anglican. I recommend this book very highly.

Resilience by Kirsten Birkett

Kirsten Birkett’s Latimer Studies’ paper on Resilience comes as a helpful resource for our contemporary time. There is a lot of discussion about clergy well being and the particular stresses of ministry and ministry burnt out. And Kirsty gives a proper review of contemporary thinking, Of ways that resilience might be acquired and ways to help mitigate the problems that stress might cause. She then maps those against traditional spirituality models and gives some insights about how ministry actually puts us in a better place than many to cope with those particular and stresses

It is a really helpful book for those who are starting out in ministry, as they try to establish good habits. It is also helpful to those reviewing their ministry and looking for a better work balance but this resource on resilience will be a great help as people reflect on how we can go the distance in the service of Christ.


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