A Step Too Far: An Evangelical Critique of Christian Mysticism

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Is there such a thing as an evangelically acceptable version of mysticism, or will ‘Christian mysticism’ and biblical spirituality inevitably contradict each other? If so, why and to what extent?


It is an undeniable fact that a significant number of people who regularly worship in evangelical churches are turning to the ‘Christian mystics’ to ‘supplement’ their spirituality. Why do 21st century Christians find these mystics so attractive? Should we be concerned about this trend? Who are the ‘Christian mystics’ anyway, and what do they teach? What can we learn from them?


A Step Too Far aims to answer such questions by surveying the mystical literature currently influencing British Christians, and assessing it from a conservative viewpoint. In particular, the major problems associated with the ‘threefold way’ model of spiritual growth are identified, alongside some indications of a more biblical alternative

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    Marian Raikes

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 58 6

    58 pages

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