Building Multi-Racial Churches New Edition

Building Multi-Racial Churches New Edition

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The credibility of the Church of England's rightful commitment to being a multi-racial church will stand or fall by how far and how effectively it consists of multi-racial parishes. This booklet is an attempt to map out the sort of convictions and policies that are needed to enable the Church of England to become multi-racial.


A broad outline of our goal is to become 'multi-racial in membership, leadership and ethos',and this booklet identifies symptoms of racism and methods to overcome it. There then follows practical and biblical discussion of how to go forward: how to shape the ministers, recognise gifts, spread the gospel, develop leadership, and be together. 


This new edition of John Root's booklet has a new introduction and some suggestions for further reading. 

  • Author

    John Root

  • Info

    ISBN: 978 1 906 327 64 4

    60 pages

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