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Christ's Gospel to the Nations

Christ's Gospel to the Nations

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"My plea to the Anglican evangelicals of England is to be true to that gospel which they carried to us; to be faithful to the word of the living God; to be ruled by God through his word and Spirit; and to be fully committed at whatever cost to the proclamation of the gospel and the nurture of the churches until Christ returns."


Peter Jensen addressed a series of Anglican Evangelical Conferences held across the United Kingdom in January 2003. This booklet contains the transcript of the three addresses he gave. Christ's Gospel to the Nations outlines the essential nature of evangelical theology, examines the place of evangelicals in the Anglican Communion and begins to address questions of mission strategy for the twenty-first century. Jensen concludes by discussing the issues in light of the mission strategy of the Diocese of Sydney.

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    Peter Jensen is the former Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia. He was formerly principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney. 

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    ISBN 978 0 946307 89 0

    60 pages