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Christianity and Craft Freemasonry - A Pastoral Guide for Christian Ministers

Christianity and Craft Freemasonry - A Pastoral Guide for Christian Ministers


A Christian response to Freemasonry may seem esoteric and, to judge by media silence, not currently an issue. Yet every minister will eventually meet someone who is a Freemason, who may hold some responsibility within their fellowship or place of work. This book will help ministers to understand first, the motives for membership of Freemasonry; and secondly, how to advise someone who is having doubts, or should be, about their membership. Although there is much to be found online, sifting and testing the veracity of this information is difficult. In the process of updating and expanding this book it has also been thought helpful to point the reader to reliable online resources and, through an amplified bibliography to be able to follow the author’s research and draw your own conclusions.

  • Author

    THE REVD DR GERARD G. MOATE FRSA is a Church historian and bibliophile who used to be a mountaineer but who now enjoys exploring the valleys. His interest in providing a pastoral response to Freemasonry (to which he has never belonged), began as a result of an academic challenge when he was training at Oak Hill College.

    Gerard has ministered in London and north-west England, as the Vicar and Lecturer of Dedham on the Essex/Suffolk border, and has taught in (and helped to govern) maintained and independent schools. Today he ministers in five Cotswolds villages near Burford

  • ISBN and Pages

    978-1-906327-70-5 | 65 pages