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Creation, Cross and Everlasting rest.

Creation, Cross and Everlasting rest.

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This book is a study of three great oratorios: Haydn’s The Creation, Bach’s St Matthew Passion, and Brahms’ Requiem. They can be called “great” because they excel both as musical masterpieces and as clear expressions of biblical truth. The study has as its aim to increase enjoyment of these works and to deepen understanding of their message.


The three selected oratorios, individually, open a window on major doctrines of the Bible. Collectively, they present a panorama of a considerable expanse of the message of Scripture. Joseph Haydn’s The Creation takes us to the beginning of all things in the physical domain. We are invited to marvel at God’s creative power displayed in the heavens and the earth, and culminating in the creation of humankind. Ominously, the oratorio ends with a strong hint of the tragic Fall of Genesis 3.


Redemption is the theme of J.S. Bach’s moving St Matthew Passion. We come to the heart of God’s great plan of salvation. Bach’s work takes us through the Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ, as it unfolds in chapters 26 and 27 of Matthew’s Gospel. Johannes Brahms’ Requiem is very different from other “requiems.” By means of a selection of Bible texts, our gaze is directed repeatedly away from the sorrows and frustrations of this life towards the solid and lasting joys of heaven to come.


The “What to Listen out for” sections in this book provide comments on the music in a user-friendly way.

  • Author - Robert Bashford

    ROBERT BASHFORD grew up in Surrey. He taught German and French in a secondary school in Essex for some years. During that time, he was involved in Christian work with young people through Crusaders and a CSSM beachmission. He then became a full-time church minister, serving in Essex, Bedfordshire and Kent. He is now an actively retired minister in Northamptonshire. He has been a speaker on Oak Hall Christian holidays. He is married and has two daughters and six grandchildren. His interests are music, reading, walking and photography.

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    978-1-906327-82-8 | 320 pages