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Deep Roots - A beginners Guide to the Doctrine of the CofE

Deep Roots - A beginners Guide to the Doctrine of the CofE


Those authorized to minister in the Church of England, whether as ordained or lay ministers, are expected to teach and act in accordance with the Church of England’s doctrine. However, many of those who are currently exercising ministry in the Church of England, or who are being trained for ministry, are unclear about what the Church of England’s doctrine is, and why it matters that they should adhere to it.


In order to address this situation, the Latimer Trust is producing a new series of short books on doctrine which are designed to introduce various key aspects of the doctrine of the Church of England. The purpose of Deep Roots is to introduce the series as a whole. It does this by explaining what doctrine is, the nature of the doctrinal authorities accepted by the Church of England, and why it is important for both ministers (and Christians in general) to adhere to what is taught by these doctrinal authorities.


This is a book for existing ministers, those in training for ministry and ordinary lay Christians

who want a concise but reliable answer to the question ‘What is doctrine and why does it matter?’

  • Author

    Martin Davie is the Theological Consultant to the Church of England Evangelical Council and the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life. He is also a Latimer Trust Research Fellow.

  • ISBN & Pages

    978 1 906327 77 4 | 70 pages