Living in Love and Faith. A Concise Introduction & Review

Living in Love and Faith. A Concise Introduction & Review


Living in Love and Faith (LLF) is a set of resources produced by the bishops of the Church of England to help Christians discern God's will on the issues of 'identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.' This booklet helps Evangelical clergy and laity approaching the LLF resources for the first time by addressing the two key questions about them. What do the LLF resources contain? What are we to make of them theologically? Everyone in the Church of England is being encouraged to engage with the LLF resources during the coming year. This booklet is an ideal place to begin that engagement.


  • About the Author

    Martin Davie is the Theological Consultant to the Church of England Evangelical Council and the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life. He is also assistant lecturer in Christian Doctrine at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

  • Pages | ISBN

    44 pages | 978-1-906327-69-9

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