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Plastic People: How Queer Theory is changing us

Plastic People: How Queer Theory is changing us

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How has it come to pass that our generation views gender and sexuality as open to endless permutations of change? How have obscure academic books by Queer writers influenced popular culture? What sort of freedom are Queer writers really pursuing? How can Christian ministers respond? These are some of the questions examined in this book. As they are explored, it becomes evident that Queer Theorists have successfully impacted our cultural consciousness at a profound level.


Almost all people assume that sexuality and gender is plastic - capable of being changed and remoulded as desired. While the plasticity of gender is assumed by many to be self-evident, the intellectual origins of the view are rarely examined. This book takes a careful look at the views of leading Queer theorist, Judith Butler. Her ideas are explored and set in context of earlier thinkers such as Freud, Foucault and Kant. When we understand the goals and methods adopted by Queer writers, such as Butler, we can see better how they compare to Biblical views of gender and sexuality

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    Peter Sanlon holds theology degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. His doctoral thesis is on Augustine’s preaching.

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 83 8

    52 pages