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Reformation Anglicanism. Essays on Edwardian Evangelicalism

Reformation Anglicanism. Essays on Edwardian Evangelicalism


Reformation Anglicanism: Essays on Edwardian Evangelicalism is a superb set of essays arising from the Moore Theological College symposium on Reformation Anglicanism held in 2019. Featuring essays from various reformation scholars, this collection of articles focuses on some foundational documents (e.g. Book of Homilies, Articles of Religion) and foundational reformers (e.g. Thomas Cranmer, Martin Bucer, Heinrich Bullinger) involved with the English Reformation, and its Edwardian phase in particular. This edited volume not only offers a sustained focus on the often neglected mid-Tudor phase of the Reformation but explores new avenues of research on overlooked subjects such as the 45 Articles of Religion, John Ponet’s Short Catechism, the Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum, the ministry of John Hooper, and the memory of Martin Bucer. Students and scholars alike will benefit from this fresh examination of these anchors of Anglicanism which were hotly contested both then, and now.

  • Editors

    Mark Earngey & Stephen Tong

  • ISBN and Pages

    978 190 632 7798 | 260pp