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Remember Your Leaders: Principles and Priorities for Leaders from Hebrews 13

Remember Your Leaders: Principles and Priorities for Leaders from Hebrews 13

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What God says in Hebrews 13 should be of interest to every Christian – whether leader or led. To the leader it asks, ‘Have I got my priorities and style right?’ To the led it asks, ‘Allowing for human failings, have I got essentially faithful Biblical leadership?’ It also asks a too infrequently voiced question: ‘What are my responsibilities to my leaders, not just what are theirs to me?’


The book of Hebrews is so relevant to us. It describes Christians who through the pressure of “the world, the flesh and the devil” are dangerously drifting away from their spiritual moorings in Christ. They need to wake up, listen to God’s Word, and understand the superiority (to any other inferior alternative) of Christ and all that He offers. In the light of Christ’s sufferings for us as our representative and substitute on the cross, and his understanding therefore of the pressures we face, and his strength to help us overcome, we are called to endure suffering and not grow weary or fainthearted.


In Hebrews 13 the writer is summing up his argument and drawing conclusions. Good leaders are important in a church in danger of drifting. They need to get their priorities right and be as a result taken seriously. They have a very important part to play in the health and well-being of the church

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    Rt Revd Wallace Benn is the former Bishop of Lewes, and founding Chairman of the Bible by the Beach Convention. He is Trustee to the Latimer Trust.

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    ISBN: 978 1 906327 17 0

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