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  • Justice and Truth

    In commenting on Jeremiah 23, Derek Kidner has a telling quote in which he says ‘without justice a nation suffers, but without truth it sickens’. Justice is the responsibility of rulers (ch22) and truth the responsibility of preachers (ch23). , whose motto is ‘veritas’ – truth). It is a reminder that our own society desperately needs truth – the truth that comes from a God who speaks

  • How do we know what is true?

    often hears the affirmation that societies, in the Western world in particular, are living in a 'post-truth present any convincing evidence to confirm his claim is proof that actually we do not live in a 'post-truth The fact of the matter is quite simple: those who deny that truth is attainable are making a statement Telling the truth is not a fantasy, even less is it a bid to exert an unjustifiable authority and power To buy 'To Tell the Truth' by J. Andrew Kirk click here ___________ Revd.

  • A compelling apologia

    Andrew Kirk's 'To Tell the Truth' Basic Questions and Best Explanations. book is a cogent, bare hands approach to issues raised by western secular societies sceptical of the truth Much earlier, Jesus tells us that “by their fruit you shall know them,” the truth or falsity of our mental This book tells us why. To buy this book click here _____________ Dr.

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