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The Rough Places Plain: AEA 1995

The Rough Places Plain: AEA 1995

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The 1995 Anglican Evangelical Assembly saw the first fruits of two years' process of detailed dialogue, backed up by regional half days of prayer. The Assembly's recommendations are not the end of the work, but this collection of papers represent "unfudged agreement thus far".


The chief topics agreed at AEA 1994 on which efforts were concentrated were along five "tracks": truth, ministry, church, mission and worship & learning. This book also includes a dialogue on Truth and Biblical Hermeneutics between Graham Cray and Wallace Benn, a paper by George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury 'Refocussing the Church for a new Millennium', and the sermon by the President of the Evangelical Allliance, Sir Fred Catherwood.

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 46 3

    128 pages