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Bishops Past, Present and Future

Bishops Past, Present and Future

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Bishops, Past, Present, and Future is the fruit of over twenty years of study and reflection on the topics it covers. It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Anglican study of episcopacy produced in recent times. Drawing on primary sources from the New Testament to the present day, it provides detailed answers to three key questions: ‘Why should the Church of England have bishops?’ ‘What is the proper role of bishops?’ and ‘How should bishops respond to the challenges facing the Church of England and the Church in the West in general?’

  • AUTHOR - Martin Davie

    Dr Martin Davie is a lay Anglican theologian who was for thirteen years theological consultant to the Church of England’s House of Bishops and theological secretary to its Council for Christian Unity. He is currently theological consultant to the Church of England Evangelical Council, a fellow of the Latimer Trust and the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life, and Assistant Lecturer in Christian Doctrine at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford​

  • ISBN and Pages

    978-1-8381828-3-0 | 842 pages

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