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Howard and Dorothy Mowll - Global Anglican Pioneers

Howard and Dorothy Mowll - Global Anglican Pioneers


Howard Mowll was the enterprising and indefatigable Archbishop of Sydney from 1934 to 1958. At once robustly Anglican and evangelical in outlook and policy, he set the diocese of Sydney on the course it hasfollowed to the present day


Originating in the Moore College Library Day of 2021, the essays in this book cover previously overlooked and neglected aspects of Mowll’s leadership and administration as well as providing new insights into and fresh perspectives on his life and work in Sydney.


They also give due attention to the equally remarkable contribution of Mowll’s wife, Dorothy. Based on extensive archival research, and paying attention to the context of mid-twentieth century Australia, these essays begin the task of historical assessment by both extending and qualifying the biography provided by Marcus Loane in the immediate aftermath of Mowll’s death.


Was Mowll one of the two truly great Bishops/ Archbishops of Sydney, as Peter Jensen suggests in the Introduction? This book both invites and enables readers to decide for themselves

  • Editor

    Erin Mollenhauer is Senior Archivist and Special Collections Librarian at the Donald Robinson Library at Moore Theological College in Sydney. She was the convenor and organizer of the Library Day in 2021 from which the present volume of essays arises.

  • Pages & ISBN

    270 pages - ISBN 978 1 906 327 84 2