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Mission in Unity: The Bible and Missionary Structures

Mission in Unity: The Bible and Missionary Structures

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The missionary societies have bulging agendas. In this country the flight from God continues, and as the Christian faith declines, other faiths consolidate. The inner city's problems - social, environmental and spiritual - are under the microscope, and then there are the housing estates and the villages. It is daunting, and the rest of the world outside does not go away. Needs for food, health, peace and justice are huge and obvious. Thriving churches, planted by traditional missionary work, urgently need help in leadership-training. Meanwhile much of the West needs re-evangelising, and the older and younger churches are beginning to see the exciting potential of the interchange of workers. What channels should we choose for world mission?


If alternative channels are chosen half-heartedly, without being sure of the issues, or in the hope that the difficulties of support for societies will disappear, then it is hard to see that mission will benefit. So this study attempts a fresh look at basics - the pattern and principles of mission in the New Testament, the range of possible structures and the Anglican debate on them - in the hope of pointing the right way forward

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    Duncan McMann

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 32 6

    30 pages