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Sickness & Healing in the Church

Sickness & Healing in the Church

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Does God still heal today? Should Christians always expect healing? What is the role of the church in caring for and ministering to the sick? What is the place of ‘Healing Services’ or anointing with oil?


Allister firmly believes God has the power to heal and has given responsibility to his church in this regards. Yet he also outlines how the recent resurgence in interest in healing has brought with it a certain amount of unhelpful and false teaching.


This short study covers many issues surrounding sickness and healing, including God’s purpose in suffering, the prayer ‘your will be done’, the ‘prayer of faith’ and ministry to the sick. It also includes an examination of the Church of England’s proposed alternative ‘Service for the Sick’.


This study will be helpful for minister and layman alike, to the sick and those who minister to them

  • Author

    Donald Allister

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 10 4

    48 pages