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The Thirty-Nine Articles: Their Place and Use Today

The Thirty-Nine Articles: Their Place and Use Today

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What defines the Church of England? Are the Thirty-nine Articles of any relevance today?

Anglicanism, according to Jim Packer, possesses “the truest, wisest and potentially richest heritage in all Christendom” with the Thirty-nine Articles at its heart. They catch the substance and spirit of biblical Christianity superbly well, and also provide an excellent model of how to confess the faith in a divided Christendom."


In this Latimer Study, Packer aims to show how the sixteenth century Articles should be viewed in the twenty-first century, and how they can enrich the faith of Anglicans in general and of Anglican evangelicals in particular. He demonstrates why the Articles must once again be given a voice within the Church, not merely as an historical curiosity but an authoritative doctrinal statement. A thought-provoking appendix by Roger Beckwith offers seventeen Supplementary Articles, addressing theological issues which have come into prominence since the original Articles were composed.

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    J I Packer and Roger Beckwith

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