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Theological Politics - A Critique of 'Faith in the City'

Theological Politics - A Critique of 'Faith in the City'

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'Faith in the City' is the most important contribution yet made by the Church of England to public consideration of one of the most urgent social problems currently facing Britain. It was initially received by the Government and its supporters with unqualified hostility, though the responses of politicians were not entirely of one kind.


However, the fact that it was submitted unanimously by the Archbishop's Commission, that it was favourably received across the ecclesiastical and theological board, and that demand for it was such as to require a reprinting within days of its publication, should incline us to suppose a priori that its merits must be greater than those usually associated with dissident political propaganda. Yet despite its impressive collection of social scientific data, it has attracted most criticism for its theological feebleness.


This study therefore concentrates on the weakest dimension - theology. It does so firstly by discussing matters of principle in relation to compassion and morality, then brings these to bear on the political culture of the day. It looks forwards at the political calling of the church and makes recommendations to take us beyond 'Faith in the City'.

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    Nigel Biggar

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 28 9

    84 pages