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Thomas Cranmer. Using the Bible to Evangelize the Nation

Thomas Cranmer. Using the Bible to Evangelize the Nation


We need not only to do evangelism, but also develop contemporary gospel strategies which we trust, under  God, will be effective. We need gospel wisdom, as well as gospel work. We need to work on local evangelism, but also work on God’s global gospel plan. This alerts us to our own nation, as well as other nations. Gospel strategy includes the question, ‘How should we evangelise our nation?’ Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury 1532-56, strategised and worked to do this from the perspective of Anglican Reformed theology and practice. We cannot duplicate his plan in detail, but he can inspire us, and also teach us the key ingredients of such a plan. 
His context of ministry had advantages and disadvantages!. Our context has the same mixture. We can also learn from Cranmer’s ability to work effectively in his context, despite the many problems, and the suffering he endured. God used him to evangelise his nation at his time. May God use us for his gospel glory!

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    Peter Adam served as Vicar of St Jude's Carlton, and as Principal of Ridley College in Melbourne Australia. 

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    56 Pages - ISBN 978-1-906327-62-0