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Unworthy Ministers: Donatism and Discipline Today

Unworthy Ministers: Donatism and Discipline Today

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It is not often that the 39 Articles are referred to in Anglican controversies nowadays, however in recent years Article 26 from the Anglican formularies has been cited in order to undermine the stance of orthodox, bible believing Christians


When ministers and their congregations are unhappy with receiving oversight from an unbiblical and ungodly bishop and have sought oversight elsewhere, does that mean they are guilty of the ancient error of Donatism, which Article 26 addresses? Other ministers and congregations may be unhappy with the leadership of their bishop, but argue that Article 26 nevertheless allows them to receive that ministry.


Taken to its logical conclusion that would mean that there would be no problem with receiving confi rmation or ordination at the hands of a Buddhist or Muslim bishop. These dilemmas about unworthy ministers demonstrate the need to investigate what Article 26 is and is not saying. It reveals a need to understand the real nature of Donatism.


This briefing sets the scene and shows how we must think carefully about those issues in which Article 26 is referred to today.

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    Mark Burkill is married to Christina and they have three children. Mark has been vicar of Christ Church since 1991, and is Chair of the Latimer Trust.

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    ISBN: 978 0 946307 82 1

    28 pages